Artist PJ Boville

Philip J. Boville

Born England 1952.

Chiefly self-taught, Philip J. Boville would describe some of his work as representational, purveying the industrious landscape of the Tees Valley area he knows so well. Reflecting on his experiences in heavy industry and his technical knowledge of steel production.

Many of his paintings are owned by industrial corporations, industrialists and private collections as well as institutions and several museums.

In 1975, he was awarded a commission to produce a large indoor mural for a new medical centre at the entrance to the vast Teesside steel works, today the mural is seen as an important and priceless part of the North of England’s steel heritage. This year “2016” the mural was moved over 7 miles to a new location, a brand-new award winning council building in the centre of Redcar. In fact, measuring 27ft x 8ft it dominates the council chamber where it was unveiled to the public in the presence of his Royal Highness, Prince Charles the Prince of Wales.

Philip J. Boville’s personal website displays a wide range of subject’s, mainly in acrylic medium on canvas although he enjoys working in oils, charcoal and watercolour.

What makes P.J. Boville’s work unique is his passion for life and his interest in documenting reality, using brush and paint to create atmospheric paintings displaying depth, light and texture. Man-made structures and the manufacturing process also captivates him, especially if it involves heavy industry in some way.

The size of canvas dose not daunt him, nor the subject; for he likes nothing more than taking a request for a worthy commission, some of his most successful works depict real life accounts of bravery and historical events.

In London, the Lasson Gallery, Mayfair, W1 often commissioned work from him calling for subjects of a maritime nature. Alas, in the 90’s the Lasson gallery closed which then persuaded Philip to focus more on local North East Galleries and museums. This year his work will feature in MIMA “Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art” one of the UKs premier art galleries of modern and contemporary art. The MIMA exhibition called “Teesside World Exposition of Art and Technology” will show work from world renowned artists on a theme of industry.

His diary this year also covers many commissions, as well as taking part in both Whitby and the Redcar Art Fair’s, giving lectures on his work to several institutions, community groups and reading clubs. He also provides workshops to a few art clubs throughout the North East.


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